Creative Director and Partner (Experiential, Photo Marketing)

London, England, United Kingdom


EventsTag is a software business at heart, who have created the industry’s most advanced and customisable photo marketing and social amplification platform. Our technology has powered putting Tweets onto the roof of the O2, creating 360 GIFs for Microsoft, designing influencer content for Adidas at their store openings and sending Instagram powered physical postcards for Google at their Silicon Valley headquarters.

Our customers are experiential marketing agencies, normally working for entertainment focussed consumer brands. Our offering is customisable technology driven experiences that inspires attendees at events to post content to social media. Half of the platform is some of the most innovative photo marketing experiences in the brand space that instantly provide attendees with shareable content and the other half is unique live interactions that inspires fans to post the content to social media. The technology is all built in house in our London base but is sold across the world.

Our offices span across the United States and here in London with partners based around the world in Dubai, Sydney and Sao Paulo. These offices are full of client services teams with a network of experiential agency contacts. They are our constantly being sent briefs for brands such as Nike, O2, Facebook, Google, Adidas, Vogue and Smirnoff on new ways to use our technology.

With a rapidly growing team and an ever-expanding client base, we’re looking for a talented, Creative Director to jump aboard and drive our growth trajectory through the roof. We’re looking for someone to not just be part of the team, but to help lead the business. Your role will cover helping the accounts team answer new briefs from brands across the world, devise new productise our technology and owning our brands identity.

You should be passionate about experiential marketing, photography and working with a startup. You will need to be an experienced creative director or production manager within a photo marketing business or experiential agency and you’ll need to have the passion to want to own the creative output of our clients activations and our own product base.

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